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Scenario# 4

Here is Scenario number 4.  I still have 3 to go! Those are three sparrow hawks circling a slightly upset Dagon. What a baby that guy is. “Unspeakable Horror”  Another homage to Lovecraft.  Everything was unspeakable and un-nameable with him.  I’m beginning to think he was just running out of adjectives.

Dagon, 1930s, board game, dieselpunk, sparrow hawk, airplane

Scenario #5

I just finished the illustration for one of the scenario cards.  Hopefully I can get the other four done before the weekend is over. I did this image at a high resolution so I can use it for other stuff.  So don’t be surprised if I re-work it for a print or something! We are still in the process of play testing these scenarios so if they work out then they’ll make it in the game.Airship, Paul Roman Martinez, art deco, board game, dieselpunk

Welcome to the Official game site!

Welcome to the Asault on Ultima Thule Blog!

From now on we will be using this blog to keep you updated on the latest news regarding the boardgame, including playtesting.  The game is coming along great and we will be stepping up our efforts to get out and meet people and put the game in front of them.  The first news to report is this new mini-site!  But then you already knew that didn’t you?

-Paul Roman Martinez